Quality of ingredients, traditional values ​​and craftsmanship. These are the principles we swear by in our small baking laboratory. We believe the perfect balance between tradition and modern technique is what creates unique taste. When the aroma of freshly baked bread marries with the fragrance of the cakes, the smiles of our customers become our favourite “good morning!”.



"Gato is daring combinations of flavors and textures simultaneously soothing and shaking familiar and exotic. Gato is endless attention to detail.
Gato is a passionate team of people who love to try, taste and talk about all things baked."


We believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day. In Gato, you will be welcomed with a variety of freshly baked snacks and sweets, fresh juices, smoothies and coffee so you can start your day with a Big Bang!

After 11 pm, lunch is king and savoury is his courtier-in-chief. Our lunch sandwiches are made with our own leavened bread and toppings are our chef’s specials. We have a secret recipe for the dough we use for our “banichki”, typical Bulgarian pastries, and we guarantee they will become your favourite Bulgarian treat. For the fillings, apart from typical “white cheese” we also mix things up with non-traditional fillings using seasonal ingredients.

Would the day be complete without an afternoon delight? Pick your favourite from our range of cakes, cookies, and cupcakes which we change every day to satisfy your sweet tooth. Paired with a fragrant coffee or tea from our selection, our sweet bakes will put a smile on your face.
Throughout the day you can buy from our sourdough bread to take away home and why not pick up a jar of homemade jam so you are all set for tomorrow morning?